Friday, May 7, 2010

Planning for a Batam Trip? Steps and procedure :)

1st Step: Decide on the timing you wanna depart from Singapore.

2nd: Proceed to Harbourfront 1 hour before the departure time and get your tickets from counter: Batam Fast. This applies for Weekdays! If you wanna go on a weekend or peak period, you might wanna call them up 1st to check if there is availablity. 62702228

3rd: Proceed to wait for board the Board!

4th: Upon destination, you may take a cab to Nagoya Shopping centre :) for lunch! Cabs are pretty standard rates: Approx $8 = 50,000rp

5th: Or you might wanna bring yourself to the hotel you have booked ---> high class hotel: I Hotel = SGD 118 per night. Budget Hotel (Rama Hotel) = SGD 20 per night Both hotel are just 5 mins away from Nagoya Shopping Centre :)

6th: Enjoy yourself at Batam! U can watch movie! SGD2.50, have seafood, arcade games, KTV (damn cheap SGD5 per hour and even better than KBOX), shopping, eat sweet cup corn, go supermarket, and last n all the most impt thing to do is MASSAGE! At Nagoya Hill 5th Floor, Sawadika Family Massage= SGD 16 for 2 hours! Damn gooooooooooooooood!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Iphone casings

Promoting Iphone casings on behalf of a friend :)

You may click on the link below to view a slide show :)
Iphone casings

Prices range from $12-$25
If interested, kindly email me:
Deal at Buyer's convenience :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Portable Battery for Iphone

Hottest Product in the Market!
Blue Storm Portable Battery for I-Phones (Charges 150% battery life)

Retail: $79.90
Selling: $55 (Not Neg*)
*Already the lowest price in the market

What is this?

-Portable Battery charger for Iphones.
-You just slip your iphone into the charger and ON it, it will charge up to 150%.
-Convenient and trendy :)
-Recommended to all as a birthday gift or for individual usage.
-3 months warranty
-While Stocks Last

Deal at buyer's convenience or @ Raffles Place.

Original from Direct Supplier

Off and On Button

Lights indicate the battery life of this Portable Charger

Nice and Trendy Blue

Uzap Mini for Sale (2 Sets)

Brand New Uzap Mini for Sale (2 sets Available)

Retail: $150
Selling: $70 (Neg)

Deal at Buyer's Convenience

Payment Mode: Transfer to 065-101-0345 DBS Savings Plus

Guess Watch for Sale at below Retail Rate!

Brand New GUESS Watch for Sale

Retail: $208
Selling: $150 (Neg)

Deal at Buyer's Convenience

Payment Mode: Transfer to 065-101-0345 DBS Savings Plus